Foresight Automation offers solutions for all areas of Industrial Control, including process control, motion control, data acquisition and SCADA.


Process Automation

Foresight Automation has completed numerous projects in which a labor-intensive, manually controlled manufacturing process was transformed into a state-of-the-art, fully automatic process. The benefits of process automation are numerous: higher production, more efficient use of labor, less downtime, higher product consistency, automated job logging and reporting, easier troubleshooting, and lower operator skill level. Return on investment is often measured in months rather than years.

Motion Control

With the recent advances in servo and VFD technology and corresponding improvements in cost, it is proving to be very attractive to replace traditional mechanical drive systems with electro-mechanical systems. This newer technology offers the benefits of improved accuracy, lower component count and lower maintenance cost. Foresight Automation has successfully completed several motion control projects in industries ranging from printing and converting to construction material manufacturing.

Drive Control Implementation and Integration

•  AC/VFD Drives
•  DC Drives
•  Servo Drives
•  Stepper Drives

Data Acquisition and Test Systems

Foresight Automation has completed numerous data acquisition and data storage applications for custom product testing systems. We can design your system to seamlessly connect testing or production data from the plant floor to any data storage configuration, local or networked.
We provide scalable solutions to store and visualize plant floor data. Allow us to create the tools you need to analyze and archive critical operational information.

Multiplatform Capabilities

•  LabVIEW
•  C# .NET Custom
•  SQL Database Integration