Foresight Automation is proud to be an Authorized ABB Robotics Integrator.



Robots are used to do jobs that could be done by humans.  However, there are many reasons why robots may be better than humans in performing certain tasks.



  • ability to work fast
  • ability to work in a hazardous environment
  • ability to repeat tasks again and again
  • ability to work accurately
  • efficiency
  • ability to do different jobs



Foresight Automation offers robotics solutions for these and other automated applications.


6 Axis

Most versatile of all articulated industrial robots. Used for automated assembly, inspection, packaging and many manufacturing processes requiring motion about all axes.

4 Axis

Most commonly used for palletizing and pick-and-place packaging applications.


Very high speed pick-and-place applications. Light payloads.


Limited mobility, typically X,Y, Z axes only.