Foresight Automation offers solutions for all areas of Industrial Control by combining state of the art PLC and HMI hardware and software to create custom solutions for any industrial application.


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

PLC Design, Development, and  Integration

•  System Design
•  Programming
•  Networking
•  Distributed Processing


PLC Programming

•  Ladder Logic Layout and Optimization
•  Utilize Structured Programming Approach
•  Multitasking Design
•  Other Languages

- Structured Text
- Function Block
- Statement List
- Sequential Function Charts


System Design

•  Hardware Selection
•  Processor Evaluation
•  System Architecture


Distributed Processing

•  Peer to Peer Connectivity
•  Systematic Structure
•  Design for Maximum Up-Time

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Design


Foresight Automation develops customer HMI applications using numerous development platforms, including:


•  Wonderware
•  FactoryTalkView Studio
•  National Instruments LabVIEW
•  Microsoft Visual Studio (C# .NET)
•  GE Proficy
•  Vijeo Citect